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Jewellery in Modern Times

With changing lifestyle, Indian youth is shifting to to easy and casual wear embellishments. Contrary to the older generations, the consumption of affordable gold jewellery among the youth is on the rise, indicating a major shift from traditional gold perceptions.

However, jewellery still holds its aura and charm, be it in the form of investment or as a status symbol. Young people are embracing Platinum or White Gold light-weight jewellery, similar to the choices in the West. This change of taste in jewellery is shifting the industry towards making radical changes in the manufacturing and designing processes as well. Added to this is the changing consumption behaviour amongst the new generation which prefers instant shopping with services at the doorstep. Traditional family jewellers are still the most trusted ones as compared to brands which do not specialise in intricacy like the family jewellers!

Rising e-commerce fad however is not much accepted in this sector due to its high risk associations. Moreover, the customers are happy and satisfied only through shopping at the stores, for feeling the jewellery is itself a whole new experience, isn't it?

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